Fluffy does not take any regular medication.

Most medical problems in Hedgehogs can be prevented/rectified by keeping the Hedgehog in a suitable environment. Important factors to consider are the temperature (including changes between day and night), the exposure to light during daylight hours, and enough space/facilities to run around.

"Huffing" and curling is normal behaviour.

If Fluffy is cold and/or less responsive than usual, she has had a hibernation attempt, and must be gently warmed up to normal body temperature (20-25°c).

If you are able to determine a minor injury which will heal by itself over time (e.g. limping with no broken bones), you may administer some painkillers. This can be done by removing all of Fluffy's food except for that which is infused (by soaking) with the painkiller liquid; once the medicated food is consumed you should return Fluffy's regular food. Be sure to observe that the medication has been consumed. Alternatively, if equipped, you may inject the painkiller into one of Fluffy's meal-worms immediately before feeding it to her as a treat.

Maximum 0.1ml Meloxicam (commonly prescribed for cats) per day.

If fluffy is obviously injured or unwell, consult a vet for the best course of action. Fluffy is registered at Vets4Pets in Kettering.

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