Hedgehogs are nocturnal and prefer to be awake during night time hours. Fluffy usually wakes up in the evening but isn't active until the late hours of the night. It is normal for Fluffy to look sleepy for a while after waking up. During her active time she likes to run in her wheel, eat cat-food and drink water. Any other time that she is active she will just mill around. She is not known to be playful with the balls, tunnels, or other toys we have left in her box, but she will walk around them with a curious demeanour.

A look of curious wondering, is the strongest indication of a healthy hedgehog. See temperament to learn more.

Hedgehogs do not like bright light. However, to assist her internal clock, it is good for Fluffy's tank to be exposed to daylight during daylight hours. Fluffy must however, have a safe dark space to crawl into and sleep during these daylight hours.

Some Hedgehog owners stimulate their hedgehog's to be awake during the day. While this can be done effectively, it is not good for the health or longevity of the hedgehog, and should be discouraged.

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