Hedgehogs are always defensive at first, this is instinctive and no matter how familiar you are with them they will curl up on every first contact.

When handling Fluffy for the first few times, be close to the floor, laying or sitting down. This is for Fluffy’s protection, hedgehog’s have delicate legs which could break easily.

Any fall higher than 5cm above the ground should be considered capable of injuring the hedgehog. See medication for advice.

Keep one of the small felt blankets at hand, if you ever find yourself needing to move Fluffy but are unable because of her spines, you can wrap the cloth around her and gently pick her up without hurting yourself.

Do not interfere with Fluffy while she is eating or drinking from her bowls or running in the wheel, she needs to know that those spaces are safe spaces, where she can maintain her own health without any disturbances.

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